Regular Studio Policies

General Policies 

  • Schedules, fees, and even safety rules are subject to change so please check accordingly. Updates are regularly posted in person and on the website Blog, Facebook, and Instagram. 

  • Total fee includes (while registration is active) an access to materials (in studio, digital/virtual access, and physical at-home materials), access to classes (in-person or virtual), an administration fee (may be listed as a registration or a deposit). 

  • Minimum payment required to reserve your space- this may be a small non-refundable deposit fee or a registration fee dependant on the set up requirements of the activity.    

  • Classes canceled due to weather, public safety, or instructor illness/emergency will be rescheduled. A full refund is available if full season/session day/time is canceled by instructor and no materials have been allotted/received.

  • If you need to reschedule or change class times, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.  

  • You may disenroll at any time But one month's notice is required for auto pay, tuition adjustments, and emergency refund.

  • Temporary disenrollments, pauses, and tuition adjustments are available for extended or unexpected emergencies. There may be fees depending on adjustments (continued access to digital, administrative, or notice).

  • Tuition up to the date of disenrollment (including one month's notice for administation fee) not refundable. Materials received (both physical and digital) are not returnable. The registration/administrative fee's refund status is dependant on the activity (please note the registration fee listed on the on-line check out).

Safety Policies 

  • By participating in a Kindermusik by Sally program, you accept that all physical activity includes risks to personal and public health. 

  • Please record all allergies, special needs, or situations on your registration form. 

Classroom/Class Policies

  • Pictures may be taken during activities, please respect other's bounderies, see the consent portion of the registration form. 

  • Come to class in comfortable clothes and be prepared to take off your shoes (not mandatory but encouraged). 

  • If applicable, please come to class with your studio tote bag and home assignment. 

  • Please leave food, drinks, binkies, and toys at home or in your vehicle. Exceptions can be made for infants and children with special needs. 
  • Studio/class official,group, emergancy information is deceminated by email (email that is listed in registration or account). Text is available but must be toggled on in account. Personal communications can be done by your registration listed perfered method or you can contact me anytime with your perfered method.

You can find more details about me personally, my program, my policies at