About Kindermusik International Curricula, Materials, and Values.

Music and movement classes in our community

With more than 35 years of experience as the leader in musical learning, Kindermusik International understands music’s unique ability to impact children (and families!) in profound ways.  Across private studios, public schools, and childcare centers in over 70 countries, children, parents, and teachers enjoy participating in Kindermusik’s fun, developmentally specific, and research-based music and movement classes. Parents also appreciate how enrollment in Kindermusik includes home materials, including their favorite songs, stories, and learning activities from class, so families can “play” Kindermusik wherever they go.

All Kindermusik partners are backed by Kindermusik International’s team of early childhood music experts and the latest research on how children learn best. Kindermusik partners with parents to support their role as a child’s first and best teacher by providing tools, tips, and resources to understand how (and why!) to use music and movement throughout the week.

Come experience for yourself why more than 2 million families in over 70 countries love Kindermusik.

More on Kindermusik International Materials

Kindermusik curriculum encourages the use of materials for in-class and at-home activities as an important part of the process.

In-Class Materials provided: 

  • Instruments
  • Manipulatives
  • Props
  • Equipment
  • Craft supplies and other Tools
  • Live & Recorded Music 

At-Home Materials provided or available: 

  • Digital Access (website and APP)
  • Music streaming
  • Literature Books (Physical and Streaming)
  • Activities (Physical and Streaming)
  • Instruments to keep
  • Studio lending library for music CD's, Books, and activity kits & games

The Kindermusik materials that are included for use at home are high quality.  Their safety standards are above those federally mandated.  Their books, music, and at-home materials are available online or in the physical.  Kindermusik understands our world (especially tech) is in constant change so they work to provide options for the modern family.  Kindermusik also recognizes the desire and developmental need for the physical for children's learning so they offer well designed and made books and instruments to take and use at home.  Books for babies are board books.  Books for older children include fun age apropriate activities to do with the stories.  Instruments are focused for both safety and development needs. Kindermusik regularly updates their curricula, music, books, and instruments for quality and process.

Materials available depend on the theme and curricula changes throughout the year.  Kindermusik has more than 6 years of developmentally designed materials for children from birth to over 7 year olds.  Exactly what materials go home will depend on the theme & curricula but you will receive a minimum of one theme or one Level.  Digital access will include music and literature book(s) which can be accessed through kindermusik's my.kindermusik portal (special website for registered families) AND Kindermusik's APP.  Physical book(s) and an instrument available with seasonal package or as extras (one instrument and one book comes with every season/12 weeks of classes).  CDs and activities kits available for loan through our Studio Lending Library.

If/when a child transitions to a small group or personalized lesson (usually 4 or older) they will start to receive home assignments, musical scores, and an instrument to learn skill & notation with (harmonica, sticks/mallets, drum, resonator bars, glockenspiel, dulcimer, recorder).  A reusable tote bag or backpack is also available so they can keep track of activities done at home to be brought back to class.  Art & Craft extention activities are also integrated and provided.

More detailed information specific to Kindermusik by Sally Dancy (personal, program, studios) can be found at https://www.discoverymeadowstudio.com/our-studio-expectations-policies