Public Health and COVID-19 Policies

The health and safety of families is always a priority for Kindermusik by Sally.  As stated on the general page we follow basic school/childcare like guidlines. That includes for weather, illness, or other public safety issues that may arise.  We are sensitive to the fact that different families have different risk tolerance and needs which we try to balance through mutual respect, space, and upfront communication.  In special situations the studio refers to the CDC and local experts in three counties (Bexar, Guadalupe, and Comal) for their recommendations on mitigation strategies and policies. 

This page was last updated Dec 2022.  As of Dec 2022 we are NOT requiring masks but they are welcome.  We are not requiring extra distancing but we do provide space and instruments for those who choose to distance (please notify us so we can make accomidations).

As we navigate the changes with any special situation with illness (whether that is Covid, RSV, hand-foot-mouth, or any other) there might be ups and downs (more and less mitigation as needed) but we will continue to learn and be able to do more together. 

Inside Classes with Mitigations 

  • Please stay home or join an available virtual class if you or your child develop symptoms such as a fever, coughing, sneezing, or other indications of a contagious illness like gastrointestinal, rash, conjunctivitis. We encourage anyone who develops symptoms to get tested for whatever illness your medical professional suggests (covid, RSV, etc). If you have a chronic runny nose, cough, allergies, or other chronic symptoms please contact Sally so the situation or accomidations can be discussed. 
  • Please inform Kindermusik by Sally if your child is diagnosed or are/were in close contact with a highly contagious disease (like Covid, RSV, Hand Foot Mouth, Measles, etc). Your personal info will stay private but this will allow the studio to make decisions on mitigations. Please follow the isolation period for that disease. 

  • There is a sink with soap and water (outside at home studio, inside at other locations) and individual hand sanitizers so you can clean your hands upon entering the studio and whenever you wish/necessary during class. We also suggest washing/sanitizing before you leave.

  • Social distancing available and designated with family safe zones- designating a seporate area with a mat, carpet, or blanket which you can bring or I provide (I always have clean blankets etc). If i provide them they will be a minumen of 3-6 feet away from each other.  Mixing/social bubbles can occur per a families preferance and in designated communal areas.  Individuals have different risk assessment and social bubbles so please respect the boundaries of others and stay away from another families designated area unless invited. (Try not to put a family on the spot in class, talk privately to friends, and let me know if you decide to include them in your family circle.)  Also please be understanding that small children don't understand personal space bubbles or facial/body cues so help your own children by modeling/practicing/redirecting for space, by asking permission of those outside your family, and by being understanding and flexible of being human (no one is perfect or the same). 

  • Dec 2022 sharing instruments, take turns, and children exploring freely is common and mostly back to normal in class. However there have been alot of illnesses spreading around so PLEASE respect a family's choice to social distance.  Individual containers of hand sanitizer are available for your use.  All materials are sanitized to policy guidlines.  And remember if you wish to have seporate instruments just contact us and we can accomidate.  Example of accomidation: Each family designated area (mat, carpet, blanket) will have their own container of instruments. Families will have the options to share some of the materials handed out. You are welcome to use only your designated instruments in this container or that are handed specifically to your family (we realize children will need some flexibility on this). Also when the option to share objects and instruments is provided, you are welcome to sanitize your/their hands with group or individual sanitizer. 

  • Number of program participants and occupancy will vary by location and risk level. 

    • Discovery Meadow Studio

      • Normal pre-pandmic risk 10-12 families depending on the location (24-30 individuals)
      • Dec 2022 we are slowly increasing size. Currently keeping smaller classes- upto 20 individuals (8 children with caregivers).
      • Inside and very low risk: upto 8 families (16 -20 individuals)

      • Inside, Medium to Low risk: 4- 5 families (12 individuals)

      • Outside, Medium to Low risk: 6 - 8 families

      • Drive-in Classes, High Risk: 6 vehicles

      • Virtual Classes: 12 or fewer families/screens

  • Fall 2022 mask are no longer required. Dec 2022 still not required however while so much illness is spreading I personally may wear a mask or shield if I have allergy symptoms and I may ask adults or older children (over age3) to wear masks if they are coughing etc in class (children under 5 rarely remember to cover or turn away).  When local experts, CDC guidance suggest using inside this an example of our past Mask Policy: 
    • Under 2 Years: No masks ever
    • all individuals are welcome to use masks when they choose or for others when they are experiencing allergy symptoms
    • 2 Years: No masks unless experiencing allergy or cold symptoms. 
    • 3 - 5 Years: Masks encouraged but not required unless experiencing allergy or cold symptoms. 
    • 5 and Over: Masks required with some exceptions. 
    • Adults: Masks required if local and CDC guidance experts suggest.
    • Location Variations:
      • Each location has the final say on their own mitigation rules- for NewBraunfels or other places.
      • Discovery Meadow Studio: The Courtyard, Meadow, Firepit, and Forest do Not require masks if symptom-free and social distancing. Masks may be removed on family mat/safezone if announced by the instructor.
      • Vehicle: You do Not need to wear a mask in your vehicle.
      • Other locations have their own rules, we will keep you informed as the guidance continues to change. 

Outside In-Person Courses and Individual Events options/mitigations when nessesary 

In case of any extended health emergancy we adapt as possible.  During times of increased risk classes can be moved outside with options for Courtyard, Meadow, Tailgate, Pool (contingent on weather). During times of extreme heat, Kindermusik by Sally will shift to a pool event or private inside studio visits (one family at a time). During times of cold, Kindermusik by Sally utilizes outside heatings, drive in events, and private inside studio visits. 

Kindermusik by Sally will hold virtual classes if absolutely necessary. And I always provide digital support for any & all home activities no matter the health & safety situation. I have zoom and will zoom with families on request while registered.

I have a detailed listing of my process for making decisions and the different things i do to help both keep risk down AND respect the diverse community we live in...