Kindermusik by Sally Dancy

KindermusikbySally is a community based business- striving for a safe space for all children and parents to find development, balance, & support. 

Realizing a dream for a nurturing, fun, creative space for families with babies and young children. We are sharing and exploring a life long learning with creativity, growing a process of inspiring and developing through music, movement, art, science, and the world. 

Music is a great facilitator for development of all kinds- cognitive, physical, social and emotional.  It nurtures creative expression, knowledge aquisition, and skill development when coordinated with the senses. I.E. the observation and experimentation of patterns, structure, coordination, dexterity, concepts, and symbols. We experience music in connection with visual arts, nature/science, movement/dance, theater, language, and literature. Music lights up the brain, exercises the body, and lifts the spirit!

Sally Dancy is an artist and musician who is the owner and operator of Kindermusik by Sally. She has studied piano, voice, theater, fine art, computer aided design, and child development. She has been licensed by Kindermusik since 1999. With over twenty years of experience working with children and the arts, Sally is passionate about nurturing children and their development.

"Kindermusik is my way of sharing the joy I have found in my life with others. I look forward to sharing the joy of Art and Music with your family."

At KindermusikbySally classes our personel have experience in providing musical experinces with visual arts, nature, theater and more. We have locations that support our vision of an inclusive no judgment space. And of course Kindermusik International's great tools (app, website, curricula) and materials (books, instruments, music, more).

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